Federico Grandicelli, born in Rome in 1982, took a degree in physics and then a diploma at the ICP (International Center of Photography) in New York in 2011. He has lived and worked in Oslo for a number of years. A member of the association Forbundet Frie Fotografer – FFF Norway, he is co-creator of the project room/artist space StudioStudio.
A photographer and expert in traditional colour printing, he has always worked with abstract images and their potential, transforming his darkroom into a studio.
Grandicelli’s experimentation does not stop with his work with photographic materials and techniques; in his works it is charged with profound reflections on the nature of photography itself.
He has held a series of solo exhibitions, including "Equivalenze" Honos Art Gallery Rome (2016), “Interior Dichotomy”, Cyan Gallery, Oslo (2013) and “The Fox and The Grapes”, Italian Cultural Institute, Oslo (2014).
His group shows include, “Postcard from the Edges”, Cheim & Read Gallery, Manhattan, New York, (2011); “Merge Volume 2” – Video/Interactive Art, CPR Centre for Performance Research, Brooklyn, New York (2014); “Disparitions”, Honore` Gallery, Rue Visconti, Paris (2015).
With the artist Sara Skorgan Teigen he has created and curated the exhibitions “No Latency”, Hudson River Club, Manhattan, New York (2012) and “Capacità”, Castello Ducale Orsini, Fiano Romano (2012)
He is also the author of various publications, including the fanzine “Capacità” (2012) and the artist’s book “Colors with Pictures” (2013).